NEWS that Ilkley Grammar School will receive government funding for rebuilding parts of the school (Grammar school rebuild approved,14th July 2022) is welcome, as is Robbie Moore MPs support for the new roof included in the plans (School funding delight 21st July 2022). Energy efficiency and a substantial reduction in the school's carbon footprint are amongst the aims.

Rebuilding the roof provides an ideal opportunity to include installation of solar panels for energy generation.

Are solar panels being considered in this rebuild?

If government funding does not extend to cover installation of solar panels 'Solar for Schools' could be asked for their advice They provide education about energy and sustainability using data from solar panels on a school's roof, and if a school does not have solar panels, Solar for Schools can arrange for solar panels to be fitted cost-neutral to the school.

This option is open to all schools.

Otley Prince Henry's Grammar School Specialist Language College had solar panels installed in 2021. Information on these can be found on the Solar for Schools website.

Also on the website Ian Thompson-Smith, headteacher at Otley All Saints CofE Primary School reports: 'After many years of trying unsuccessfully to have panels installed at our school, I am delighted that this partnership (with Solar for Schools) has finally made the project a reality. This makes our school much more energy-efficient, and we can educate our children on the impact sustainable energy can make'.

Could headteacher Carly Purnell tell us if energy generation is being considered in the IGS refurbishment?

If additional funding would fully exploit the energy efficiency and energy regeneration aspects of the refurbishment of IGS perhaps crowd funding could meet such costs.

Our planet requires urgent and comprehensive commitment to address climate change.

There is no planet B.

Lorna Arblaster

Riddings Road