THERE is a police presence in Ilkley today as a large number of people have gathered in the town amid the hot weather.

Police are in the area making sure that the situation is under control, as photographs show the riverside area heaving with large crowds.

A number of people have also been seen jumping from the suspension bridge and into the water, despite warnings over the possible dangers.

Ilkley Gazette:

It has also been reported that there has been a power cut at Ilkley Lido, with police having to turn traffic away from the venue.

Temperatures across the UK have reached record levels today, with the heat in some cities and towns surpassing 40 degrees.

Ilkley Gazette: People enjoying the weather in Ilkley todayPeople enjoying the weather in Ilkley today

Ilkley and other parts of the Bradford district have seen highs of 38C.

People are still being advised to take caution in the extreme weather, and to be mindful of the dangers of diving into and swimming in open water.

Ilkley Gazette: Large crowds are in Ilkley todayLarge crowds are in Ilkley today