ILKLEY firefighters were called to a bin fire in the play area at Ilkley Riverside Park on Monday, June 20.

Ilkley resident Mike Ridgway captured the incident on camera.

Ilkley Gazette: Ilkley firefighters attend the bin fireIlkley firefighters attend the bin fire

He said: "At about 8pm the Fire Brigade were called out to an incident involving a flaming rubbish bin which was burning quite fiercely.

"Although it was quite amusing to see all five crew involved there was a serious point because the cause of the blaze was as a result of discarded barbecue with out ensuring it was out and at another location could have had other consequences. This is clearly a safety issue."

The litter bin in the shape of a frog was installed in the playground at Riverside Gardens in Ilkley after funding was secured by Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks from The Rotary Club of Ilkley Wharfedale, Bradford Council and the NHS backed ABCD Community Asset Fund.

Ilkley Gazette: An Ilkley fire crew attend the bin fire at Ilkley riverside parksAn Ilkley fire crew attend the bin fire at Ilkley riverside parks

On Sunday, June 19 at 7pm firefighters from Ilkley Station also attended to a disposable barbecue smouldering away on Ilkley Moor.

A Public Space Protection Order remains in place banning the use of barbecues on the moor.

Earlier this year Ilkley's MP Robbie Moore called for a national ban on disposable barbecues in public places where there is a high risk of fire.

Mr Moore used a parliamentary debate to call for a ban, citing the damage barbecues can cause through fires on land such as Ilkley Moor.

The moor has been hit by repeated fires caused by barbecues - including two blazes in one weekend in 2019. The fires spread quickly due to the dryness of the vegetation on Ilkley Moor and can reach sizes as big as 50 acres, putting plants and wildlife in danger.

And he is also calling for further action, arguing for a ban on disposable barbecues in certain public spaces nationally, to cut the risks of devastating blazes. He also wants to see tougher punishments for people causing the fires.

Action is already being undertaken around the country - with the supermarkets Lidl and Waitrose banning the sale of disposable barbecues because of environmental and safety concerns.