BRADFORD Council's Keighley Area Committee is due to consider a petition calling for the introduction of speed cameras or speed humps along Cowpasture Road.

The petitioners say: "Due to Cowpasture Road being one of the main roads into Ilkley town centre, there is a distinct problem with speeding cars which is ever-increasing. As a residential area, this impacts both residents and the children who attend the Ilkley Grammar school. The day to day impact includes noise and vibrations from vehicles and near-misses of those attempting to cross the road. It is only a matter of time until a serious accident takes place."

Members of the committee are recommended to approve that Cowpasture Road forms part of the proposed 20mph zone which Ilkley Town Council and Bradford Council have agreed to fund.

A report before the committee advises: "The petitioners make specific reference to the provision of safety (speed) cameras.

"Strict criteria must be met in order for consideration to be given to the provision of safety cameras.

"As the criteria relating to casualties is not met, camera provision cannot be considered for Cowpasture Road (although the West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership will continue to monitor the site with a view to considering camera provision should the necessary criteria be met)."

Council records indicate that two traffic collisions resulting in personal injury have occurred on Cowpasture Road during the five-year period ending 12 May 2022 (the latest five-year period for which records are available). One personal injury was ‘serious’ and the other ‘slight in terms of severity.

The criteria for static cameras includes at least four collisions causing death or serious injury in the previous five complete years prior to commissioning of the site.

The committee meets in the Council Chamber at Keighley Town Hall at 6pm on Thursday, June 23 when it will discuss the petition.