THE Ilkley Local History Hub Zoom meeting takes place on Saturday, June 25 at 3pm.

The subject is Castle Road and it follows last month's stroll east from the Manor House along Castle Road. The group looked down into the World War 2 Memorial Gardens which had been developed by the late 1950s. Then they moved on to the New Bridge, built at the start of the 20th Century, giving access to the land at Middleton and allowing several sports clubs to move into the flood plain. They looked at the junction with Weston Road and the convalescent home which became a girls' orphanage and laundry. Nearby was the Working Men's Hall which became the Liberal Club and is now Ilkley Playhouse.

The group then went across New Brook Street to see the field where people once queued to get the Ledgard buses. At the other side of New Brook Street were once several advertising hoardings at the back of what was the Wheatsheaf pub.

Anybody interested in taking part in the zoom session, contact