A NEW artificial grass football pitch with flood-lighting could be built in Guiseley, after a recent planning application has been submitted.

The proposed plans include installing an artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) and floodlighting on the site of Guiseley School , as well at creating emergency access and relocating existing long jumps and ancillary works.

The plans have been submitted on behalf of Aireborough Learning Partnership at the Guiseley School.

The application states that 'although the school already benefits from one full sized 11 v 11 grass football pitch and two junior grass pitches, the pitches can get very wet during periods of inclement weather meaning they are prone to getting clogged and churned up' which causes 'disruption to the curriculum and extra-curriculum.'

A spokesperson for Guiseley School said: "This pitch will be a fantastic resource for our young people, increasing engagement with physical activity and improving wellbeing. It will also be first class community provision with the opportunity to book the facility, increasing access to physical activity provision in the area for all.

"The facility will primarily be used to deliver the sports and health curriculum at School and provide a high quality facility for the Junior Football Teams of Guiseley Juniors FC."

If the AGP is implemented, the hours of play for community use will extend to 14:45 – 22:00 on weekdays and 08:00-18:00 on the weekends.

Some residents are in favour of the new addition, stating that it will be 'beneficial to have these extra facilities for the children of the school and extra curricular activities after school.'

But others have objected the plans.

One resident commented: "Speaking with a couple of residents nearer to this scheme than myself, the main issue was the floodlights and evening sessions. The underused Nunroyd pitch would seam to provide a more suitable location for this plan, being adjacent to the rugby ground, easy access and plenty of parking. Maybe a rethink of this proposal or public meeting would prove fruitful."

Another said: "I understand that this is not only for school use but also as a commercial development for the use of outside sports clubs, other organisations and operating up to 10pm at night. A school sports field is one thing but I strongly object to this commercial development."

Others raised concerns about increased traffic on residential roads, and noise pollution.