A FAMILY event is taking place in Ilkley this Saturday for the launch of the Discover Ilkley app.

Everyone is welcome at All Saints’ Church in Ilkley on Saturday, April 2, between 11am and 1pm for the free event to celebrate the official launch of the Discover Ilkley app.

By downloading the Discover Ilkley app, Ilkley residents and visitors are able to participate in various augmented reality trails around Ilkley, including an Origins of Ilkley Trail which will uncover fascinating facts about the history of the town, as well as seasonal trails.

By downloading the Origins of Ilkley Trail, they will be able to go back in time to meet Sir Peter de Middleton to hear about his influence on the town today, as well as Ellis Ickeringill who will share how Ilkley became a famous spa town. There will also be virtual appearances from Donkey Jackson, Rombald the Giant, a Roman Soldier and the Goddess Verbeia.

The app is made possible using a series of actors who perform their parts against a green screen. When a person directs their smart phone at one of the specific locations that form part of the trail, the actor will appear virtually.

The seasonal trails include a Spring into Easter Trail and a Summer Wild Explorers Trail to encourage children and their families to discover hidden bugs and interactive characters around town.

This Saturday’s Family Event will include donkey rides for the children, face-painting, an Easter treasure hunt with eggs as prizes for the children, plus many more exciting activities around the church. There is also the opportunity to meet the actors in costume who portray the Roman Knight and Sir Peter de Middleton as featured in the Origins of Ilkley Trail.

Lisa Drake, representing Ilkley BID said: “We’re really looking forward to our Family Event and are hoping that lots of people will pop in between 11am and 1pm to see what the trails have to offer and to get involved with all the activities we’ve got planned in and around the church.”

The Discover Ilkley Origins Trail is an initiative by the Ilkley Business Improvement District and Bradford Council to promote tourism within Ilkley and to increase footfall to all areas of the town.

For more information about Discover Ilkley, visit www.discoverilkley.co.uk.

To download the Discover Ilkley App, go to your App Store and search Discover Ilkley.