TERRIFYING pictures show the moment a plane attempts to land in blustering winds at Leeds-Bradford Airport (LBA).

The three photos focus on the exact moment a Ryanair flight from Krakow, in Poland, is about to touchdown on the infamously exposed runway at LBA, in Yeadon.

There have been plenty of instances in the past where even smaller increases in wind speed than Storm Eunice has brought have caused issues at LBA, with many examples of footage showing planes having to accelerate into the runway to avoid from being blown of course, or coming down at a funky angle to negate the wind's effect.

This time it was a case of the latter, with the plane flying in at a diagonal slant, with the left wing slightly tilted into the air.

The angle of the camera shot makes it look as if the plane is going to miss the runaway and slide off to the side, but it landed safely at 3.11pm - albeit slightly later than its 2.55pm scheduled time.

It is lucky LBA even accepted the flight at all, as many arrivals have already been diverted to other airports, while plenty have been cancelled entirely.

Several departure flights have also been cancelled today.