ILKLEY is blessed with some of the most beautiful houses in the country and although some may seem out of reach price wise, certain streets have been named as some of the least expensive in the area.

The cheapest and most expensive areas across the LS29 postcode - which includes Ilkley, Addingham, Ben Rhydding, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Burley Woodhead, Denton, Menston and Middleton - have been revealed, and it shows where homes are going for the most and least amount of cash.

The latest data that has been revealed by home sales company Property Solvers, has calculated house prices across the LS29 postcode.

This information has been collected from the HM Land Registry over a five-year period to see where the highest and lowest-priced houses appear.

Gathering five year’s worth of sold house price data across the LS29 postcode, Low Mill Lane, Curly Hill and Ghyll Royd have some of the highest-valued homes across LS29.

Some of the cheapest residential streets include Linnburn Mews, St Peters Way and Guardian Court.

On Low Mill Lane (LS29), five properties sold for an average of £1,447,620. On Curly Hill (LS29), five properties sold for an average of £1,240,000. Also, Ghyll Royd (LS29) saw three properties sell for an average of £1,145,000.

Some of the cheapest streets include Linnburn Mews (LS29), where three properties sold for an average of £113,333, St Peters Way (LS29) where four properties sold for an average of £125,750 and Guardian Court (LS29) where six properties sold for an average of £142,983.

Property Solvers co-founder Ruban Selvanayagam said: “To keep the data less skewed, we only ranked the streets that had over three sales.

“It’s therefore worth noting that, in recent years, a property on Skipton Road (LS29) sold for £1,745,000 and, at the other end of the market, there were properties that sold for £124,950 and under on Craven Crescent (LS29), Druggist Lane (LS29) and Bleach Mill Lane (LS29).”

The most expensive streets in Ilkley (LS29 postcode)

1. Low Mill Lane, Addingham - £1,447,620 (five sales)

2. Curly Hill, Ilkley - £1,240,000 (five sales)

3. Ghyll Royd, Ilkley - £1,145,000 (three sales)

4. Clarence Drive, Menston - £1,027,500 (seven sales)

5. Clifford Avenue, Ilkley - £1,013,333 (three sales)

6. Goodwood, Ilkley - £981,666 (three sales)

7. Victoria Avenue, Ilkley - £926,666 (three sales)

8. Margerison Road, Ilkley - £903,110 (five sales)

9. Grove Road, Ilkley - £901,666 (three sales)

10. Grove Road, Ilkley - £878,737 (four sales)

Least expensive streets in Ilkley (LS29 postcode)

1. Linnburn Mews, Ilkley - £113,333 (three sales)

2. St Peters Way, Menston - £125,750 (four sales)

3. Guardian Court, Wells Promenade - £142,983 (six sales)

4. Langford Lane, Burley-in-Wharfedale - £153,700 (five sales)

5. Sefton Drive, Ilkley - £159,463 (eight sales)

6. Willow Court, Stockeld Way - £161,916 (six sales)

7. Langford Road, Burley-in-Wharfedale - £163,714 (seven sales)

8. North View, Burley-in-Wharfedale - £165,833 (three sales)

9 Elmete Grange, Menston - £169,127 (11 sales)

10 Springs Lane, Ilkley - £170,228 (19 sales)