NEW recycling bins in Otley are proving the most successful in Leeds.

The brightly coloured collection points were installed in October last year to be used for cans, plastic bottles and coffee cups. The bins are part of a wider Leeds scheme.

Councillors in Otley have just had initial feedback about the effectiveness of the high visibility bins which shows that not only are they doing their job but they are the most successful recycling bins in the whole of Leeds. The coffee cup bin on Kirkgate is the most successful of the city wide recycling bins scheme.

Otley and Yeadon councillor Colin Campbell, welcomed the news that the town's new recycling bins are a huge success. He said this means that the public are putting the right things in the bin, not contaminating them with other rubbish and allowing hundreds of bottles and cans to be recycled.

"The bins are designed to be highly visible," he said. "This is to encourage residents to use them for recycling cans/plastic bottles or coffee cups rather than for general waste.

"In Otley they have been a great success with the area returning the best recycling results of any area in Leeds. One bin on Kirkgate is the most successful recycling bin in the whole of the City.

"Local residents can give themselves a pat on the back,"Cllr Campbell said. "It shows how keen we are locally to do our bit for the environment. We want to encourage as many people as possible to use this type of bin and would like to know if residents have any other sites where they think these bins would be popular."

He said since plastic carrier bags have almost disappeared plastic bottles have become the major source of plastic pollution and this is a problem in the River Wharfe.

The new collection points were installed in Otley last year as part of an initiative by Leeds City Council.

The recycling "on the go" bins are designed for cans, plastic bottles and coffee cups.

The bright orange and yellow bins were planned for six districts, including Otley. The scheme began in the city centre in 2018.

When the bins were put in place in Otley Cllr Campbell and town councillor Richard Hughes urged everyone to use them.

Cllr Hughes said:"Let's all do our bit for Otley and the environment and make sure we use the bins to help with our recycling effort."