A GROUP of volunteers based in Leeds have launched ‘Givto’ a new online charity donation service. Believed to be the first of its kind in the world, it allows people to give to a different charity each month with one direct debit.

Givto was piloted with a small number of people, and national and Yorkshire charities during 2020-2021 raising more than £9,000 for 48 charities including Brake, Sense, Yorkshire Dance and Age UK Leeds.

Following overwhelmingly positive feedback from users and charities Givto is now being rolled out to people nationwide with plans to expand to local charities in regions right across the UK soon.

The service has been described as the online version of the charity token scheme in supermarkets.

Users set up a regular Direct Debit for an amount of their choice through the Givto website at www.givto.org and then are offered three good causes to donate to each month, giving them an opportunity to support the causes close to their hearts and discover new ones they have never heard of.

Givto is run by the Better Giving Partnership, a registered charity founded by a group of friends in Leeds and run entirely by volunteers who share a passion for making it easier to learn about and support charities that provide invaluable services and advice. The service was set up during the pandemic.