CHILDREN in Ilkley enjoyed a summer of fun in 2021 thanks to Ilkley Youth and Community Association (IYCA).

In association with the Rotary Clubs of Ilkley, Ilkley Town Council, funding from the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme and Bradford Youth Service, IYCA organised a series of events which took place around Ilkley.

Seventy-five children aged three to 12 took advantage of three funded sessions at Clip n’ Climb in Ilkley complete with lunch packs provided.

On Wednesday evenings and at the weekends activity events were organised for three to 18-year-olds.

These took place at East Holmes Field, the Riverside gardens or the rear yard at Little Lane Youth Club in Ilkley.

Attendees enjoyed music, football, cricket, rounders, crafts, sketching, nail painting and other coordination skills activities. Children who were due to go from primary to secondary schools in September this year took advantage of these activities which gave them the chance to socialise with older children before starting secondary school.

Martin Smith, chairman of Ilkley Youth and Community Association said: “Schools across the district help in communicating the Summer of Fun activities within the school population. On average 220 children attended the 12 sessions over the period.

“We held Space to Inspire hand skill sessions at the youth club to build nest boxes, bird feeders, bug hotels and other small gardening events for the younger children of which 24 children attended.

“For the launch of the youth club activities commencing in September a barbecue was arranged for the transition groups and youth club attendees which was well received in the rear yard of the youth club with special rate supplies from The Loafer, Furniss Butcher and Tesco supermarket.

“It was encouraging that after Covid restrictions this activity took place and encouraged us to return to some sort of normality. Thanks to our donators, sponsors and local businesses.”