AN INTERVIEW with an audio archive has left a lasting legacy for the family of a man who died just eight months later.

Sam Kilburn, who lived in Rawdon, spoke about his life for the BackChat collection, which records the memories of people for posterity.

Sam, who was born in 1926, was a schoolboy when the Second World War broke out. He became an underage member of the Home Guard and an underage member of the Royal Navy. He died of coronavirus in April 2020.

His daughter Sheila Hardwick, who lives in Australia, wrote to Carlo Harrison, the man behind the archive, to describe her delight at hearing her father's voice again.

She said: "I have saved your recording to play to my grandchildren when they get a little older - only Zac, the eldest, ever met him; and now since he died, I have two new ones, Quinn and Isabella, who lives in Melbourne.

"I do appreciate being able to hear my dad speaking to you, I remember one of my friends being very envious; her father died before the internet arrived and she had no such legacies.

"So, thank-you for the work that you do. In future there will be many families who cherish the voices of their loved ones in your interviews. I know my dad enjoyed the Historical Society and would be pleased to know that his memories live on, despite the sad times in which we live.”

Visit to hear the interview.