PEOPLE are ignoring safety in favour of a cooling dip, according to the Canal & River Trust which has seen an increase in the numbers jumping into its waterways.

As temperatures soar the charity is urging people to keep out of the water.

Sean McGinley, regional director Yorkshire & North East said: “Spending time on or by water is a lovely way to spend a summer’s day and they are excellent places for families to explore during the warm weather. But it’s also important that people, especially children and teenagers, are aware of the dangers of cooling off by going for a dip. The consequences can be devastating.

“On a hot day we understand that people might feel like cooling off in a river, canal or reservoir but we strongly advise people to stay out of the water. There are lots of hidden risks that you can’t see - submerged obstacles that can cause injury or you can get tangled in, unknown depth and current, and often the water is a lot colder than you think which can lead to shock.

"Please stay away from the edge and don’t get in the water, it’s just not worth it. If you want to swim outside, find an open water swimming club near you by visiting the Canal & River Trust website.