A FAMILY relocating from London to Ilkley are in search of temporary lodgings for two much loved hens, Brownie and Syrup.

The hens joined the Myers family - mum Lily, dad John and 10 year old daughter Jazmine - last year during the first lockdown as one day old chicks. John said: “Jazmine has become very attached to them and they have been a perfect focal point during the last year. Jazmine has seen them grow from fluffy little chicks to fully grown hens. They see her as mother hen and will follow her around the garden and are all always excited to see her. We are looking for somewhere we can temporary lodge them until we can find someone with some land we can rent to house them more permanently. We will pay for their upkeep or provide their food and are happy to share their beautiful eggs. We are hoping that the great Yorkshire community can come to our aid.”

Email: johnfcs@mac.com