OTLEY and Yeadon councillors are urging local people to play their part in shaping the future of Leeds.

The city council is reviewing the Leeds Local Plan which sets policies for the whole of the city. Residents have the chance to comment on the draft plan update, which will set out the authority’s approach to planning policy and new development across the district over the next decade and beyond.

The draft update entitled ‘Your Neighbourhood, Your City, Your Planet’ will focus on ways the council can shape planning policy to reduce the city’s impact on the environment and help achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The three ward councillors are calling on people to have their say.

"This is the opportunity for residents to shape the future of the wider City", said Cllr Campbell.

"The review follows the Councils declaration of a climate emergency and will concentrate on five areas -

Carbon reduction – changing the way buildings are built, and how we generate renewable energy.

"Flood risk – making our communities resilient by using natural flood management.

"Green infrastructure – making the most of our green spaces and natural environment.

"Place-making – create ’20-minute neighbourhoods’ where people want to live, work and play.

"Sustainable infrastructure - improving public transport along with walking and cycling provision."

Cllr Ryk Downes added: "We all know climate change is a fact and we must do everything we can to reverse its impact. It is time for our community to be more proactive in ensuring future developments protect and enhance the environment rather than destroy it."

Cllr Sandy Lay said: "These are simple proposals which will make a big difference to future generations. We would like everyone to tell the Council it is time for change and we would like the Council to adopt the policies it is proposing when dealing with local planning applications such as the proposed development to the east of Otley."

Cllr Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council’s Executive Member for Climate and Infrastructure, said: “The Local Plan plays a key role in setting out our city’s planning policies for the long-term future, and we believe that the climate emergency should be at the forefront of our thinking.That’s why we are updating those parts of the plan as a priority.”

She added: “We are really keen to hear people’s feedback on the draft Local Plan update, including whether people agree or disagree with our general approach around the five topics and whether there is more we could do to achieve our goals.

Visit www.leeds.gov.uk/lpu to comment.