ENVIRONMENT Agency officers are investigating a sickening stench which is blanketing Yeadon.

Local people have had to endure the overwhelming smell on and off for years and are now calling for action to resolve the issue. Residents fear the stench is from animal waste being spread onto local farmland. They believe the foul smell is not simply manure.

They have been contacting MP Alex Sobel and local councillors in a attempt to get something done about the problem which they say is worse than ever.

Leeds North West MP Alex Sobel said: “I have received several complaints regarding an unpleasant smell in Yeadon, and further afield. This is obviously not a pleasant environment for anyone to have to live with and I immediately alerted the environment agency.

"My office continues to be in contact with the Environmental Manager for West Yorkshire and as a result, the issue has been classified as a priority. I was advised that yesterday, local agents were in the area, conducting tests and odour assessments.

"Today we have received a report on the findings and I am satisfied that they are engaging with the operator involved regarding the odour management responsibilities under their license.

"The environment agency have also committed to an engagement exercise with the community and residents will be contacted via a letter. "

"Land spreading as a practice is something we expect to happen a couple of times a year but it is important that any unreasonable smells are reported quickly so that out of hours environment agents can be deployed in good time.

"To that end, I would advise all residents in the area to make a note of the environment incident hotline and report as soon as these smells are detected."

Otley and Yeadon councillor Colin Campbell said: "My ward colleagues and have raised this issue with the Council but it appears the work is being carried out under a licence from the Environment Agency.We have also contacted them but as yet received no response.

"If you live near the country there will be occasions when farmers spreading fertiliser cause a smell but the current problem is out of all proportion to what might be acceptable.

"This is not the first time this has happened and we will be asking the Environment Agency to take action to prevent its recurrence."

This week an Environment Agency spokesperson said: “The Environment Agency is investigating reports of nuisance odours affecting residents in Yeadon, Leeds. The issue is distressing for those affected so our officers are trying to identify the cause of the smell and take steps to resolve it. We would urge anyone who experiences odour issues to report them to our incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.”

In 2016 Environment Agency officials investigated a Yeadon farm after complaints about a foul smell which was making life unbearable for nearby residents.

The problem had also been investigated two years earlier after people claimed the noxious smell was coming from animal parts and blood.

In 2016 officers traced the odours to land associated with Novia Farm in Yeadon,

In a statement at the time the environment agency said:"There has been a history of odour problems at this farm, but we have worked closely with the operator, and the number of odour complaints received during the past eight months has fallen significantly.