A RANGE of support available to people in the district with diabetes is being spotlighted as part of a week-long campaign.

And West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership is stepping-up efforts to boost prevention of the condition, as concerns rise over an “alarming” increase in cases.

“Type 2 diabetes is one of the fastest-growing conditions – figures are showing an alarming upwards trend,” said Dr Waqas Tahir, diabetes lead for the partnership and Bradford District and Craven.

“Through people making a positive choice to prevent diabetes and us ensuring they get the support and advice they need, we can help change that.”

Nearly 347,000 people in the West Yorkshire and Harrogate region are living with the condition.

And the partnership has identified a further 100,000 who are at high risk of Type 2 diabetes, although it’s believed the actual figure will be more because many people won’t have had a blood test or have seen their GP. Type 2 affects more than 90 per cent of people with diabetes. Whilst Type 1 isn’t impacted by lifestyle or weight, Type 2 is largely preventable.

The partnership is raising awareness of the condition – and the help available to people – as part of Diabetes Week, which runs until Sunday.

Recently, support has been provided to GP practices so that they have everything needed for people to join the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme – which helps those at risk to adjust their lifestyles.

Adele Graham, the partnership’s diabetes programme manager, said even small changes could make a big difference to people’s lives.

“It’s not about changing your life completely,” she said. “Even the smallest change to our diet, lifestyle or activity levels can make a big difference and delay or prevent life-threatening complications associated with Type 2 diabetes.”

The partnership has also organised a Let’s DiaBEAT This campaign. Adverts and a video have been produced – and online events held – to raise awareness of those most at risk and how to recognise the signs, plus what can be done to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Week is organised by the charity, Diabetes UK . Its head of the north of England, Clare Howarth, said: “This Diabetes Week we’re not just raising awareness of diabetes, but shining a light on the experiences of those affected by the condition. We’re grateful for the support of West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership in helping raise awareness of diabetes in the local community and highlighting the support that is available for those affected by the condition.”

Visit diabetes.org.uk for more.