WE want to thank the three teenage boys who helped a sheep that had been savagely attacked by a dog on Ilkley Moor. They rang the police who then contacted us about the attack near White Wells on Saturday 12 June. When we arrived one of the boys ran down to guide us up to the sheep, it had the front of its face bitten off. The boys were sensible, polite and a real credit to the young people of Ilkley. They told us that a friend had witnessed the attack on Friday evening by a Staffordshire bull terrier whose owner left the sheep in great distress. The boys believed the sheep to be dead but returned on Saturday and found the poor animal suffering and had us alerted. Unfortunately the sheep had to be put down because of the severity of the attack but it would have had to suffer a long painful death if it wasn’t for the actions of these three lads.

Eleanor Ellis