OTLEY town councillors have had a preview visit of the refurbished Otley Older People’s welfare building

The building has been an important part of Otley since the 1970s and it was beginning to look tired when Otley Old People's Welfare Committee Trustees began fundraising for its refurbishment in September 2018. An application to the Town Council’s new Investing in Otley scheme was rewarded by the grant, two years ago, of more than £200,000, with the expectation that the work on the building included significantly improving its carbon footprint.

Last week, councillors got to see the difference the grant had made. A tour of the building for Councillors Jo Allen, Richard Hughes (Chair of the Council) and Mary Vickers was given by Trustee David Wilkinson. He explained how new windows, exterior doors and interior fittings have made for a building that is more accessible, more practicable, and great to look at and use.

The building is seen a green exemplar: triple glazing and additional insulation prevent heat loss, whilst new energy is catered for with solar cells on the roof and a heating system suitable for air or ground source heating when it arrives.

Richard Hughes said:"The Town Council is thrilled that the Investing In Otley scheme has been used so wonderfully well. Through the great work of Otley Action for Older People and the Otley Over 60s Club in particular, many Otley residents are going to benefit hugely from this project."

Jo Allen was particularly struck by "The welcoming space: bright, light and accessible."

David Wilkinson added: "The contribution of the Town Council came to over half of the funds raised and was crucial to the project. We are pleased with the advice we were given early in the project with regard to the environmental agenda."