FIRE crews from Bentham and Skipton successfully freed a sheep yesterday (Monday) that had got stuck in a hole near to Gaping Gill, Ingleborough.

After receiving a call at about 12.40pm, the Bentham crew went on foot from Clapham, past the Ingleborough Show Cave and along the uphill path to Gaping Gill.

They had requested assistance from Skipton Fire Station and its off-road Argocat, but heavy traffic on the A65 meant Skipton got to them at the same time they reached the sheep.

They were able to almost exactly locate the sheep with the phone locater What3words.

A spokesperson for Bentham Fire Station said: "The crew went on foot up the path to Ingleborough Show Caves and carried on up. Due to the distance and terrain with the possibility of extra equipment being needed. We requested Skipton to attend with their eight- wheeler offroad Argocat.

"Due to traffic on the A65 they arrived shortly before we arrived at the sheep.We were able to slide a line under the sheep and using crew power lift the sheep up and out. It didn't even hang around to say thank you."

The spokesperson added: "As you can imagine locating a sheep, in a hole, in such a vast area takes some doing. Thankfully the caller was able to give us their What3words which lead us nearly exactly to the sheep."