LONG time Ben Rhydding resident David Nunns has been selected as the Conservative candidate for the Ilkley Town Council by-election in Ben Rhydding.

Speaking about his selection as candidate David said: “I am delighted to put myself forward to be a candidate for Ben Rhydding.

“Having lived here for 40 years I know how special Ben Rhydding is and want to ensure that it will still be special for future generations.

“If elected I will be working hard to ensure that the much-delayed neighbourhood plan finally gets enacted, continue to oppose the Labour-run Bradford Council local plan for houses in Ben Rhydding and stand up for Ben Rhydding unlike the current Green and Lib Dem town councillors who want to subsidise Bradford Council projects by raising taxes for local residents.”

Local MP Robbie Moore said he was delighted David has been selected and commented: “Now more than ever, Ben Rhydding needs a strong local voice who can work with me to deliver on the things that matter - like fighting Labour-run Bradford Council’s plans for thousands of new houses on our precious green open spaces, fixing the pavements and potholes, supporting local businesses, and protecting our environment.

“David lives locally and is passionate about our town. I hope local residents will join me in supporting him on Thursday June 24th so he can be a strong local voice for everyone.”

District Councillor and Ben Rhydding Resident resident Kyle Green (Con, Ilkley) also welcomed the selection of David stating: “I’m delighted that David has been selected. I know he passionately wants the best for Ben Rhydding and I would be delighted to work with him to keep Ben Rhydding special and look forward to supporting his campaign.

“I am delighted that David wants to work together with district councillors and Robbie Moore MP to demand value for money for residents rather than subsiding Bradford Council’s pet projects as the current Green and Lib Dem town council seems to be intent on doing.”