A TEMPORARY event notice has been issued for a Pool farm which is planning to run glamping weekends this summer.

The planned Glorious Glamping sessions at Fairmead Farm have caused anger and concern among locals who say they will create noise and disturbance, and pose a threat to wildlife.

But the organisers argue that there has been "some misconception" about what is being planned.

Now Leeds City Council's entertainment licensing department has received an application for a licence to sell alcohol at the farm for a weekend in June.

The council has issued a temporary event notice after receiving the application.

The licence will cover the the period from 1pm on June 25 to 10.30pm on June 26.

Adel and Wharfedale councillor Barry Anderson is trying to organise a meeting between the owners of the farm and nearby residents.

Meanwhile he has heard back from the council's planning enforcement team.

He said: "It appears that Planning currently have nothing to enforce against and the other proposals would also be either permitted uses or would not require planning permission. It would also appear that the applicants have been granted an extension of time in respect of the new entrance proposal and the barn conversion application is only at initial stages so Planning have no current concerns."

The reply to Cllr Anderson said: "The owner advised that they are hoping to start with glamping on a small scale to help with finances and are also currently using some of the fields for farming, they don't plan to invest heavily in the glamping operation and as such have no plans for any permanent structures or utility infrastructure.

"They intend to use a field at the back of the site in a valley for this use and I can confirm the field had no services in or any works relating to such a use, I was advised that all the facilities would be temporary similar to what would be seen an outdoor music festival or farm show i.e. toilet blocks on wheels etc. that can be removed and as such would be permitted.

"I appreciate the use may cause residents to have concerns about noise, but this would be not controllable via the planning process at present and any potential noise issues can be forwarded to the noise complaints team.

"There are no works taking place to the main access and as such no breach of planning is taking place."

Neighbours who are opposed to the Glorious Glamping weekends say they create noise and disturbance and will pose a threat to local wildlife.

But the organisers say the micro-festivals are only for groups of up to 30 people - and that most enquiries were from families who had missed out on birthday parties and special occasions.