IN addition to raising funds for Burley Téréli Friendship Trust, a group from Burley Methodist Church has been busy making ‘pillowcase dresses’ for girls in Téréli in the Dogon area of Mali.

Vanessa Thorpe who had previously made these dresses at a church in Dublin inspired the project and shared the instructions.

Photos of the dresses have already been sent to friends in Mali who thought they were ‘stunning’ and ‘so pretty’.

The photograph published here shows a selection of dresses about to be sent to Mali.

The link - The Burley-Tereli Friendship Trust (BTFT) - was inspired by Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow’s millennium project ‘On the Line’ which encouraged all who live along the Meridian Line to discover more about the lives, countries and environments of their ‘neighbours’ on the line. The Trust become a registered charity in 2006 and has gone from strength to strength.