I AM alarmed to hear that two of our local MPs are lobbying to have Keighley/Ilkley and Shipley constituencies cleaved from Bradford in order to form a new local authority. Well not in my name!

How can this be a priority when we remain in the middle of a pandemic? The fallout for the overall economy, the most vulnerable, and children - their health, education and life chances - should be at the top of any politician’s list. Pooling resources and distribution according to need is at the heart of the concept of a common good. In Ilkley we have a beautiful town, great schools, fine medical and sports facilities, low unemployment figures. I could go on.

It is not news to anyone that there are areas of the Bradford district where poverty and deprivation are amongst the worst in the country; this situation is now exacerbated by Covid and the impact will be with us for years. Cutting huge swathes of funding which would be the result of the two constituencies breaking away would help no one either in the remaining Bradford or the vulnerable areas of the ‘new’ authority.

Eileen Fitzpatrick