WORK continues apace on the renovation of a bungalow for Jaime Lunn and his family to live in.

Jaime, of Addingham, was left paralysed when he came off his mountain bike on Ilkley Moor last year. After spending months in hospital he was finally allowed home on November 13 but he desperately needs that home adapting to allow himself and his family to lead as normal a life as possible

Friends set up a committee called Jaime’s Journey to organise the renovation and a spokesperson said: “The contractors this week took delivery of six specially cut steel girders kindly provided free of charge by John W Laycock Ltd ,sufficient to erect the demolished garage which will ultimately be converted into Jaime and Caroline’s bedroom. John W Laycock are a local established company of over 200 years based in Keighley and on behalf of the family the committee would like to thank them for the extraordinary generosity, especially Reuben Tough for making it possible.”