CLIMATE Action Ilkley is putting together a design brief to redevelop the land in front of Ilkley Playhouse between Castle Road and the river.

A spokesperson for Climate Action Ilkley said: “The aim is to realise the full potential of this site as a haven for wildlife and as an enhanced recreational space for local people and visitors.

“We’d love to hear your views on our initial ideas. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Do you have a relevant skill and would like to join the project team? When work begins, hopefully in the autumn, might you be interested in helping? A better title for the project is needed - something that reflects the location and the aim. If you can think of one, let us know.

“Please send your comments and suggestions to by 30 April if possible. “

The group is liaising with a range of stakeholders as part of the Playhouse Slope Project, including Ilkley Town Council, the Friends of Ilkley Riverside Park, the Playhouse, Wharfedale Naturalists Society and Bradford Council and intend to consult residents and allotment tenants on an ongoing basis.

View the consultation document at: