GOOD to see our market town of Otley coming to life again this weekend. Both local residents and visitors were out, enjoying the fine weather on the river in boats, around the shops and cafes in the town centre and even at the car boot in the Auction Mart. After the long period closed due to Covid it’s welcome trade, particularly for the pubs and shops.

It brings with it problems of course; traffic congestion and parking issues in particular for residents close to the town centre. There have been some useful suggestions on Facebook chat about minor changes which could help traffic flow. There is also a need for bigger changes if we want to create a relaxed and healthy but at the same time vibrant and resilient town.

With local elections due shortly, claims are being made on all sides to have ready made solutions to difficult problems. As an existing Green town councillor I support the upcoming Street Vision public consultation due this summer as an opportunity for a deeper and more meaningful engagement. Local politicians need to listen to and harvest the many good ideas residents can provide. This will give us a solid foundation to see how best to build on Otley’s strengths to create a town fit for the 2020s and beyond. Once the elections are over, I would welcome constructive discussion by all.

Mick Bradley Otley Town councillor (Green Danefield)