From Antony Butcher, Victoria Road, Ilkley

OVER the last few decades it has become clear that climate change is the defining issue of our generation. From local flooding to rising sea levels it is clear that we need to urgently take concrete steps to address the impact we are having on our planet. However, there is often a disconnect between accepting that action is needed and accepting action which will impact us - a disconnect that I was sad to see embodied in several articles and letters in last weeks Ilkley Gazette. Whilst I'm sad to hear about the impact of anti-social behaviour, building a cycle shelter does not create anti-social behaviour out of thin air. Before it was completed I often walked through the adjacent car park at night to see groups of young people gathered - should we rip up the car park as well? And discussions about a 20mph zone - something which had been proven to increase walking and cycling thanks to the safer roads created both in the UK and around the world - have become sadly politicised. Right now it takes about 7 minutes to travel from Hebers Ghyll to Ben Rhydding train station - a 20mph speed limit would add no more than 3 minutes to this. Like most readers, I love Ilkley, but sometimes it's hard to see the negative reaction that many of these changes stimulate. I'd love to see more positive articles and suggestions for how we can improve our town whilst playing our part in tackling the climate emergency.