From Martyn Roast

THANKS to a random act of kindness in Otley town centre I have had my faith in human nature restored. I was walking into town from the Sainsbury’s car park when the aroma of Fish and Chips from the shop under the archway lured me in. Only problem was, five minutes after the shop took my order I realised the sign that read Cash Only was going to be a problem. A dash up to the nearest ATM was not much help because it was out of order and didn't accept contactless anyway. By now, an embarrassed, increasingly hungry and frustrated me was faced with having to explain I only had my phone and no card or cash. That was when the kind lady, next in line with an order for her work colleagues stepped in. Without hesitation, she took the £5 cost from her purse and paid the man. I would like to thank her for her kindness and let her know that when I go shopping in Sainsbury's tomorrow I will spread her generosity and put £5 of food into the food bank there. Thank you Otley.