FUNDING to help provide laptops and tablets for primary school children has been approved by Guiseley and Rawdon ward councillors.

The councillors approved a grant from their Covid-19 ward funds for schools to provide IT equipment for pupils without access to devices to help with their schooling.

It is hoped that this equipment will be put to good use as part of ongoing studies and homework as well as enabling better home-schooling should the need arise again in the future.

Cllr Pat Latty said:“We wanted to ensure that these Covid funds could be used right at the heart of our community and for a purpose where it can do most good. Covid has robbed our children of so much in these past 12 months, we were determined that this funding would be put to good use by the

primary schools in Guiseley and Rawdon ward.”

Cllr Paul Wadsworth said:“Thankfully, it appears we may be past home-schooling, but these laptops and tablets can still be of use to help with homework right now. Should we need to go back, then it will still be of use, although I hope that won’t be the case.”

Cllr Graham Latty said:“Receiving a good education can equip you with skills for the rest of your life. We hope this equipment will enable those children who need it, to get online and keep up with their peers in developing those life skills.”