BUDGET amendments have been put forward by Liberal Democrats to protect and improve services in Otley and Yeadon and the wider Leeds area.

The proposals, which were put forward at Wednesday's Leeds City Council meeting, would include the protection of Yeadon Sailing and Activity Centre and would keep Ellar Ghyll tip open seven days a week. They would also provide free parking in Otley.

Otley and Yeadon councillor Sandy Lay said: "Because of Covid 19 things are difficult for local government at the moment. However we believe our proposals, which are cost neutral, would benefit everyone.

"In particular we are looking at a number of schemes to benefit the environment with investment in public transport and extension to local recycling. Locally we have found funding to reverse the decision to close for most of the week Ellar Ghyll waste transfer station and keep it as a seven day service".

"We are also proposing to remove car parking charges in Otley," said Cllr Colin Campbell. "Otley is the only area in Leeds where residents have to pay and we believe free parking would encourage visitors to help revive the town's economy after the pandemic".

Cllr Ryk Downes said: "Yeadon Sailing and Activity Centre is an important asset for the community. It has an unrivalled reputation for its work with vulnerable young people and we are proposing to continue funding it until its long term future can be assured".

The suggestions in the Liberal Democrat budget include a new children’s residential home to prevent local children being sent out of the city for care, a reversal of the decision to close residential care homes, and the introduction of a food waste collection and the building of an anaerobic digester to convert the waste into bio fuel to power council vehicles.

Among its other suggestions is a feasibility study into a new rail station at Horsforth Woodside.