A NEW awards scheme been launched in Otley to recognise those who have gone ‘the extra mile’ to help during the pandemic.

Otley Town Council is introducing the Covid-19 Emergency Awards as a way of thanking individuals and groups who have gone out of their way to help the community this year.

The awards, for ‘a person or a group who has made a significant contribution to the welfare and support of Otley residents during the Covid-19 emergency’, are open to anyone and there are no restrictions on who can be nominated.

The winners will receive a certifcate which will be presented at the council’s 2021 Town Annual General Meeting.

Nomination forms are available from Otley Core, on Orchard Gate, or by sending an e-mail to community@otleytowncouncil.gov.uk.

All nominations should be returned to Jason Knowles at Otley Core, or by sending an e-mail to community@otleytowncouncil.gov.uk, by March 12, 2021.

A number of organisations in the town - including Otley Maker Space, Otley Action for Older People, Otley Courthouse and the town council itself - have played a key role in supporting Otley’s most vulnerable residents this year.