NEW film Say Your Prayers, starring Sir Derek Jacobi - which was filmed in Ilkley and is set in the town’s famous literature festival - will have special screenings at Ilkley Cinema.

It is about “two orphaned brothers turned radical Christian hitmen” who travel to Ilkley to assassinate a famed atheist writer, a guest speaker at the literature festival.

It was originally scheduled for release on Video on Demand but will now be screened at Ilkley Cinema from Friday, November 13 with tickets on sale today. It has a 12A certificate.

Georgia Milner at Ilkley Cinema says: “It’s a good time to be exhibiting independent films right now. I believe that local community cinemas - now more than ever - provide an important service. In times like these, it’s great to have somewhere where we can escape for a few hours. We appreciate those moments of escape so much more - that’s the power of cinema.”