CAMPAIGNERS are calling for help for local airport workers whose jobs are at risk.

Leeds Bradford Airport is in talks with 158 employees as it seeks to make 107 redundancies.

The Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA) is urging the Government and Leeds City Council to step in to offer those affected ‘sustainable jobs’ outside of the aviation industry.

GALBA Chair Chris Foren said: “It’s obvious that Covid has changed the way people travel and do business.

“It’s also obvious that we need a green economic recovery from the Covid crisis.

“So let’s help people who are losing their jobs at the airport move into new, safe and sustainable jobs.”

The latest redundancy talks follow the loss of 102 jobs at the airport earlier this year.

Mr Foren added: “GALBA has said all along that LBA’s claims about job creation are not credible.

“Sadly, these redundancies show that we’re right.

“Now is the time to help people switch into jobs with a future, for the future.”