LEEDS Bradford Airport has begun talks with 158 employees over job losses.

The airport is planning to cut a total of 107 permanent positions in a move it says has been caused due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

But it insists the longer term future for aviation is still bright - and that this action is about protecting its long-term goals.

A spokesperson for Leeds Bradford Airport said: “We are deeply saddened to be consulting with a number of colleagues due to the impact of the global pandemic.

“Like most businesses, we are operating in extraordinary circumstances and this has led to some difficult decisions.

“The long-term prognosis for aviation is very different to the short-term constraints our business faces and we regrettably must act to safeguard the business.”

The airport has already shed 102 jobs this year after an earlier round of consultation. It says the latest redundancies will affect a variety of positions.