HOW have we arrived at this? We have a minority Conservative government voted in by just 43% of voters, and yet gaining a total of 365 seats and a majority of 87. We have a Government who voted against protecting the NHS , food standards, animal welfare and British farming from trade deals. A Government which voted not to allow MPs to scrutinise trade negotiations thereby eroding the sovereignty of the British people. A Government prepared to breach international law through their Internal Market Bill during negotiations with the EU to secure a trade deal, while at the same time knowing the best deal is the one we had as a member of the EU.

How did we get here? the answer must lie with our voting system, which, like many aspects of our democracy is stuck well and truly in the past. First past the post (FPTP) system used in Westminster and local elections is profoundly undemocratic which is why calls for it to be reformed and updated are growing louder by the day.

FPTP system favours a right-wing bias, it supports two-parties, shutting out smaller ones, often forcing people to vote tactfully and not for the party of their choice. Most other democracies moved to a proportional voting system long ago, in fact, the UK and Belarus are the only remaining countries in Europe using FPTP.

People are tired of their votes not counting which may reflect in the generally low turnout of voters, only 67.3% of the electorate voted in the 2019 election. It really is important that people find their political voice through a vote that matters.

We need a fair voting system to make votes matter and give everyone a political voice.

Pauline Allon