A PEACE group that regularly regularly protests at RAF Menwith Hill will help stage an online seminar next week.

Keep Space for Peace Week is held each autumn by The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power.

This year Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign (MHAC) - which has a number of members from Wharfedale - and the Yorkshire branch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (YCND) are teaming up to hold a ‘webinar’ on Saturday, October 10. Starting at 2pm the event will feature speakers, a film and a live link to protesters outside Menwith Hill which gathers intelligence for the US’s National Security Agency.

The event will also include a film, made by YCND, on Fylingdale - an operational military base in the North York Moors which supports the US Missile Defence system.

Further information about the day and instructions on how to register will be available on www.themhac.uk and www.yorkshirecnd.org.uk.