A FORMAL planning application has been made seeking permission to build 49 new homes in Burley-in-Wharfedale.

The site proposed for development is directly between St Mary’s Church and the A65 at Weston View, lies within the Green Belt and is within the village conservation area and surrounded by a group of listed buildings including St Mary’s Church and Burley Hall, and is in close proximity to the Grade I listed Burley House.

The application has been made by Jomast Construction from Teesside, working together with Steve Hesmondhalgh & Associates, who say in the application the proposed housing on site will be delivered as a 100 per cent affordable housing scheme, brought forward by a registered affordable housing provider.

The mix of housing in the application is: 12 two-bed bungalow; 11 two-bed two storey semi/terrace; 23 three-bed two-storey semi; and three four-bed two storey houses.

The application also seeks permission to create a new 16 space carpark for the use by worshippers at St Mary’s Church and new public open space.

Building on green belt land is only allowed if special circumstances can be proved and in the application the developers argue: “It is considered that the provision of 49 new affordable dwellings within the least affordable sub area of Bradford would form part of the very special circumstances for approving the subject scheme within the designated Green Belt.”

They also argue the development would bring ‘a range of economic benefits to both the local area and wider economic picture of Bradford District.’

However. the application has already attracted a number of objections.

Harvey Bosomworth, a local resident said: “Despite the evident opposition from residents in Burley in Wharfedale, a planning application has now been submitted by the developers, Jomast Construction, for the Church Field site, which lies between St Mary’s Church and the bypass on the entrance to the village. The application is for the construction of 49 houses and has attracted the opposition of the three district councillors, Councillors Dale Smith, Jackie Whiteley and Gerry Barker, and the local MP, Philip Davies.

“Predictably the small leaflet, sent out a couple of months ago to a limited number of local residents, is being described as a public consultation by the developers. Very grave concerns regarding the proposals have been raised and it is therefore vital that as many residents as possible make their views known on the proposal.”

To see the planning application and comment visit: https://planning.bradford.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QF9M3JDHN2Y00