A MENSTON community centre is looking for local people to become trustees and advisors.

Kirklands Trust is planning to appoint a number of new trustees to be involved in on-going and future planning for Kirklands Community centre.

In its appeal the trust said: “This is an exciting way of supporting the Menston community. Individuals are needed from a diverse range of backgrounds, age groups, skills and gender in order to assure the trust can maintain a vibrant forwarding thinking group consolidating what has already been achieved and also ensuring a strong future vision for Kirklands and Menston.

“In particular the trust has a need for a trustee with a legal background. If you are a practising or retired lawyer they would really like to hear from you. A knowledge of or access to commercial legal law through associates would be an advantage but not a prerequisite. Most important is having the familiarity with legal implications and language so as to direct the trust to seek appropriate legal representation where required.

“Kirklands (Menston) Trust was established in October 2017 as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and holds a lease with Bradford Council for Kirklands. which incorporates the main building, library, bowling club, children’s centre and doctor’s surgery. Its mission is to provide a high quality and affordable focal point for village activities, available and accessible to all residents of Menston village

“As well as the trustees, Kirklands also have a centre manager. The centre manager is the trust’s public face of Kirklands, undertaking day-to-day management. The trustees and the centre manager meet regularly, usually one evening a month, to review current activities, finances, maintenance and future plans for the centre to keep it a functioning and vibrant heart of the Menston community.

“In addition the trust is interested in assembling a team of advisors. If you have a skill set or expertise in a particular area eg. marketing, social media management, design, IT, etc., you may wish to offer these in an advisory capacity. This might involve working with other trust members on specific projects or sub-groups where your skill set and knowledge would be invaluable.

“If you would like more information on either of these opportunities please email the centre manager, Heather at kirklandsct@gmail.com and the Trustees will arrange to contact you with further details.”

When it was launched the trust said its future aims were “to ensure the sustainability of the entire centre, eliminating the deficit.”

Its ways of doing this include obtaining funds for maintenance and improvements and generating enough income to be sustainable.