OBSERVANT bin wagon spotters in Bradford will soon start to notice new additions to the Council’s 54-strong fleet.

A total of 13 new domestic and five trade waste refuse collection vehicles will soon be delivered to replace ones which have reached the end of their working life in the district.

The new vehicles will be more fuel efficient and reliable than the seven-year-old wagons they are replacing and very importantly, latest emissions technology will improve air quality in the district.

The new wagons will be supplied over the coming months by the Warwick-based Company Dennis Eagle

The old vehicles will be sold to raise the maximum amount for Council Tax payers.

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “This is a big investment for the Council but I’m delighted that the new wagons will contribute to improving air quality in the district.

“The latest engine and exhaust technology will also save Council Tax payers’ money by being more fuel efficient.”

As the fleet is replaced on a rolling process, a new tender has just been published for the next batch due to arrive late 2021. It is envisaged these vehicles will be powered by Compressed Natural Gas in order to reduce emission levels further.

Dennis Eagle’s Regional Sales Manager Andrew Christie said: “Bradford Council needed specific vehicles for both domestic and trade waste collections which we were able to provide but alongside that they were totally focused on improving air quality.

“The vehicles we’ve provided will help them do just that as clean engine technology has developed significantly in recent years.

“Not only do these trucks offer improved efficiency, leading to reduced emissions overall, but they also emit much less nitrogen oxide gases and micro-particles. This will directly help improve the air we breathe in the Bradford area.”