THE LEADER of the Yorkshire Party has expressed concern about the disposal of campuses by Leeds City College.

Bob Buxton, from Rawdon, has spoken out after a report emerged which showed images of Horsforth campus lying ‘empty and wrecked’ three years after it was closed.

Mr Buxton, who worked for Leeds City College until 2018, said: “Horsforth was a great campus – the sports teachers had a playing field, animal care had a reptile house and science and engineering teachers, such as I, had purpose-built labs.”

He is calling for the site to be once again used as a campus rather than for more housing. He added: “Horsforth campus lies in ruins when it was, and could be again, a great campus. One function of the proposed West Yorkshire Mayor is to help further education colleges with their facilities. If a Yorkshire Party candidate was elected, they would want to find a better solution.”