AN OTLEY play area is to be fenced off to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Leeds City Council began to gradually reopen some of the play areas in its parks in July - but with a number of restrictions, especially in relation to social distancing and hygiene, in place.

Ward councillors have been told that the play area at Wharfemeadows Park, Otley is to be become out of bounds again following a number of complaints about how it is being used.

Councillor Colin Campbell says the action is being taken because the facility has equipment that is touched by lots of children.

He said: “I regret that young visitors to Wharfemeadows Park will no longer be able to use the play area but government policy means that, for the near future, the council has had to close and fence the area.

“I hope people will be responsible and encourage children to play safely in other parts of the park.”