MOST people staying as inpatients at Airedale Hospital are happy with the care they receive, according to a survey.

Patients expressed confidence in the doctors and nurses treating them and felt that their fundamental needs were being met.

The findings are amongst those contained in a report just published by the Care Quality Commission.

Over 140 NHS acute trusts across the country were surveyed.

Nearly 77,000 adults who stayed in hospital for at least one night in July last year were asked about the standards of care they had received.

More than 600 Airedale Hospital patients gave their views.

Comments were sought on a range of issues including the quality of information and communication with staff, whether patients were given enough privacy, the amount of support offered with eating and drinking, and discharge arrangements.

Last year, for the first time, the survey – which has been carried out annually since 2004 – also included analysis to better understand how supported frail patients felt after leaving hospital.

Airedale Hospital scored highly across several areas.

Patients were satisfied that the specialist they saw had been given all the necessary information, any questions were answered in an understandable way, there was confidence and trust in the clinical staff, staff worked well together, patients didn’t have to share a sleeping area with a person of the opposite sex, their room or ward was clean, they were treated with dignity, and there was a choice of food and enough to drink.

People who had attended the emergency department said they had been given enough information about their condition or treatment and were happy with the privacy.

Rob Aitchison, chief operating officer at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, welcomed the findings.

He said: “Our patients’ experience is at the heart of everything we do and so we are very pleased that when asked, they were happy with their stay in Airedale and had confidence and trust in our teams.

“This survey gives us a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of patients’ journey through hospital and their treatment, allowing us to see where we are doing well or where improvements need to be made. I’m proud that the dedication of our people is reflected in these results.”