BRADFORD’s play areas will not reopen until local infection rates are brought under control.

National guidelines have said play areas were able to re-open on July 4.

However the more than 150 Council run play areas in Bradford have yet to officially re-open.

And Bradford Council has said this is likely to be the case until local infection levels fall.

Conservative Councillors this week urged Council leaders to allow families to once again use the play facilities.

Councillor Debbie Davies (Baildon) said, “National guidance stated from 4th July playgrounds could re-open so many parents have understandably presumed this would be the case locally.

“This weekend I received numerous reports of children and young people using the play equipment at Jenny Lane where there is no signage and any tape has long since been removed.

“We are very disappointed that Bradford Council hasn’t made the necessary adaptations, for example signage and limits on numbers so playgrounds can re-open safely and in a controlled manner.”

Councillor Kyle Green (Ilkley) continued, “Exercise is vital for young children and outdoor playgrounds provide an ideal opportunity for children to have fun whilst being active. By not opening playgrounds we are depriving children, especially those living in flats or without gardens, the opportunity to benefit from fresh air and exercise which is vital for their development.

“Other Councils in Yorkshire have opened their playgrounds, whilst stressing the need for parents to be responsible, so come on Bradford, let’s do the same.”

But a Council spokesperson has said: “We all want to see play areas open as soon as possible but in common with other neighbouring authorities we are not yet able to do so.

“There are 152 playgrounds across the district for which we are responsible. As the owner of these we have a duty of care to make sure that when they are re-opened the control measures arising from health and safety assessments are in place to ensure they are all safe and that the risk of virus transmission is minimised.

“This decision has not been taken lightly and the Council will continue to monitor the local situation. Play areas will re-open when the overall local infection level has fallen to a point where risk assessments demonstrate they can be used safely.”