BOULDERS have been placed on Denton Road in Ilkley to prevent dangerous parking.

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “Following concerns raised by West Yorkshire Police, temporary short term measures have been introduced to ensure pedestrian safety and access, including not parking on the grass verges or in the layby. We will continue to work in partnership with colleagues from Highways, the Police and other interested parties to develop longer term solutions.”

Cllr Kyle Green (Con, Ilkley) said: “Given the repeated and increasing severity of issues around the suspension bridge, the situation around this area necessitates the need for solutions such as the boulders that have been put in place. However, these must be temporary until a permanent solution can be found. I am only frustrated that the situation was not addressed earlier so as to help avoid this becoming a necessity.

"It is also vital that while the council actively fine and target those parking illegally along Denton Road that they also provide a solution to the parking issues by offering free parking at the Lido car park so as to encourage safer parking that doesn’t inconvenience residents and also doesn’t penalise residents wishing to enjoy the wonderful Middleton Woods.”

Cllr Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley) said: "On the face of it residents are asking why there. I believe that was the location due to the magnet of the ice cream van which was highly dangerous and the police registered their concerns. I am told it is temporary. But a solution is needed.

"I am asking for some of the Traffic Regulation Orders to be seasonal and perhaps weekend /bank holidays and clear signage is needed to indicate parking on grass verges not acceptable.

"But we “residents” know restrictions are needed. It has been said boulders are a hammer to crack a nut. My reply is - it is a big nut.

"However I am anxious that there is the odd space where residents can go to in normal times to just wander without penalties. For some it is their own backyard."