THE MAN in charge of Yeadon Town Hall has been making the most of lockdown by continuing with the landmark building’s restoration programme.

Theatres and live music venues across the country have been forced to close their doors and have been standing empty since the lockdown began.

But Yeadon Town Hall’s CEO Jamie Hudson has been working tirelessly to continue the restoration work to ensure that when the building reopens it is more than ready to welcome people back.

The work has included continued restoration and redecoration of public areas such as the main auditorium and foyer. The rich colours are similar to the original colour scheme from 1890, ensuring all decoration is in keeping with the Town Hall’s historical architecture and character. The backstage areas have also been transformed, with a new dressing room to provide additional space for performers in 2021.

Work has also continued on the Town Hall Tavern bar with new signage, lighting and decor.

Now contractors are now able to return to work, the project is progressing fast. Professionals have been called in to help remove and replaster the walls following damp treatment. Contractors have also replaced old lead pipe work with copper pipe. The historic stained glass windows are also now gradually being removed and restored.

Many locals will have noticed scaffolding decorating the entire exterior of the building. Work is now starting to repair the roof and clock tower too, with the clock still on track to be mended by the end of the year.

Mr Hudson said: “It’s easy to bury your head in the sand during a crisis, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make use of the Town Hall’s enforced closure. Myself alongside a team of volunteers and local professionals have been working hard to bring the Town Hall back to its former glory.

“We’ve made the most of our time in lockdown so that we can look forward to welcoming people back to a transformed building in the coming months. We continue to be optimistic and excited about the Town Hall’s future despite the difficulties faced across the sector following the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. “

Yeadon Town Hall Community Interest Company pledged a major programme of repair and restoration work after taking over the running of the historic building last year. The building returned to community control on April 1 when the CIC was granted a 50 year lease by Leeds City Council.

New lighting, sound equipment and a control booth were installed as part of the first tranche of work, and the theatre bar was transformed. Follow Mr Hudson’s Instagram feed @doingupthetownhall for more information about the restoration work.