A PLANNING inspector dismissed a cricket club’s claims that Bradford Council was wrong to refuse retrospective permission for signs at its clubhouse.

Menston Cricket Club’s application to retain signs at its Bradford Road clubhouse was refused earlier this year, with planning officers claiming the advertising signs were “prominent visual clutter” and “excessive.”

The club appealed the decision, pointing to advertisements on other local businesses and arguing that advertising revenue was vital to the club.

It argued that just one person had objected to the signs, and the appeal points out that Bradford City’s Valley Parade stadium also has a number of advertising signs on it.

But the appeal has now been dismissed.

The decision, made by a government appointed planning inspectors, said the signs will “result in unwarranted commercial clutter which appears discordant with the simple, modest form and appearance of the building and semi-rural character of the area.”

It adds: “As such the signs cause significant harm to the character and appearance of the building and the local area.

“I am sympathetic to the need for funding for the club and acknowledge the

contribution the signs make in this regard.

“I also accept that signs may have been displayed on the building for a number of years and I acknowledge that there is support for the proposal from the Parish Council.

“However, there is nothing before me to demonstrate that the present signs are lawful.”