LEEDS North West MP Alex Sobel is challenging Leeds Bradford Airport to drop proposals to increase passenger numbers.

The MP has written to LBA questioning a claim that it was a ‘misconception’ that its planning application for a new terminal building was linked to expansion of the airport.

In the letter to chief executive Hywel Rees Mr Sobel says he was interested to read quotes from LBA saying the airport was ‘not actually expanding’ and that the idea was ‘a common misconception’.

He argues that the airport’s own socio economic assessment makes it clear that an increase from around 5.5 million passengers per annum to up to 7 million per annum is central to the planning application for a new terminal.

He says: “I would suggest that if expansion is not the aim that this statement, as well as any other references to an increase in passenger numbers, is removed from the application.

“Objections like mine are only based on an increase in pollution due to an increase in passenger numbers and therefore flights.

“I do not object to the modernisation of the terminal in principle. If you were to amend your application to satisfactorily address the concern around pollution, then I would have no objection to the application.”