AS the coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge the county the Friends of Otley Lido (FoOL) have been tasking their minds with how to continue their community engagement.

With meetings being impossible at the moment, they have switched to online meetings via Zoom and have launched a colouring and drawing competition with prizes to be won in the hope of injecting a bit of fun and keeping the FoOLs project at the forefront of people’s minds.

The competition is not to raise funds but to reach out to the project’s supporters and provide some light-hearted distraction.

Leonie Sharp from FoOLS, said: “We had so many plans this spring and summer to raise the remaining funds we need for our project but we have to pause.

“In the meantime we have decided to do some light hearted engagement such as the Colouring In Competition to have some fun and imagine how it will be when our Lido is restored again.

“It is not a question of if for us - just when we will get through this.”

FoOLs has reworked the group’s logo, as well as its Lido memories images, to create a template for people to complete in whatever way people’s creativity takes them.

They have also provided a blank canvas for those who are feeling particularly adventurous to create their own swimming themed entry.

All the details and images are available to download on the website and there are four age categories for submissions:

● 0-4 years

● 5-7 years

● 8-11 years

● 12+ years

Each category winner will receive a £10 voucher to spend on exclusive Otley Lido merchandise, which can be found in the FoOLs online store:

Full details of the colouring competition can be found on the FoOLs website here: